Barry Norman's biography:

Barry Norman was a writer and broadcaster, son of film director/producer Leslie Norman (The Cruel Sea, Dunkirk etc). Show business editor of the Daily Mail until made redundant in 1971 - a huge insult at the time but, in retrospect, the nicest thing the Mail ever did for him. Subsequently freelance humourous columnist for The Guardian, TV critic/ feature writer for The Times and scriptwriter for the Flook strip cartoon in the Daily Mail, then writer/presenter of BBC’s movie review programme Film 72 - 98, also writer and presenter of numerous BBC TV documentaries including The Hollywood Greats, The Film Greats, The Movie Greats and Talking Pictures. On radio he presented, among others, the Today programme on Radio 4, Going Places and Breakaway and was the first chairman of The News Quiz. More recently he wrote/presented radio documentaries on Sidney Poitier and the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival. He turned up from time to time in dictionary corner on Countdown and also presented a one-man show in small theatres all over Britain. Meanwhile, he wrote ten novels and nine other books (mostly film related).

Barry Norman passed away peacefully on the 30th June 2017. His two daughters Samantha and Emma, called him “remarkable”, adding: “He had a great life, a wonderful marriage and an enviable career. He leaves behind a family who adore him and a great roster of friends who love him too. We will miss him more than we can say.” Actor and presenter Stephen Fry tweeted a tribute, writing: “Sad to hear of Barry Norman's departure. A film critic and a provider of fine pickled onions. That's a good life.”